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After I played another RPG with turn-based battle system I was again disappointed about the design of the battle system. When this happens I usually think about how I would outline my own battle system. Once the system was written down in a text file, I started programming. The result is this "Art Battle System" you can download and play.


I added some tutorials which explain the main aspects:

On the top left you see the order in which they are act in the battle. Each fighter has a status box showing the hit points (HP), magic points (MP), attack and speed. Weapons and armors have colors. The armor color is shown as an oval shadow. The more complementary the weapon color to the armor color, the higher the damage. When you attack a color wheel is presented. A sword indicates the attack color while a shield indicates the defense color. In the center the resulting damage is displayed.

When you fight in a group with at least two people, you can blend the weapon colors. The color wheel shows the resulting blended color with a color palette icon. The same way you can mingle three colors.

You can use magic by playing melodies with your weapon and other team mates. Each played note uses one magic point (MP) of the caster and has another effect:

  • c changes weapon color
  • d changes armor color
  • e changes weapon saturation
  • f changes armor saturation
  • g changes speed
  • a manipulates hit points (HP)
  • b manipulates magic points (MP)

Notes written in upper case are put on French (violin) clef and increase the aspect. Notes written in lower case are put on bass clef and decrease the aspect.

You can play a triad if all three of the group play a note. Holding a note costs each round one MP. You can be interrupted by attacks from the enemy. When the last note is played correctly the triad is executed.

Every triad has a different group effect:

  • C  (c e g) heals the own group by +3 HP
  • Dm (d f a) makes the enemy group slower
  • Em (e g b) harms the enemy group by -3 HP
  • F  (f a c) makes the own group faster
  • G  (g b d) restores own saturation of weapon and armor
  • Am (a c e) decreases enemies attack by -1
  • B dim (b d f) harms the enemy group by own average attack value


The game is purely in Java 8 from scratch without any external library or game engine. It uses a Java Swing Panel to render the content.


I solely used graphics provided by https://opengameart.org:

Thanks to


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